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Cyber Security for the Healthcare Industry. Evolved.

Web Cyber Security Malware & hack removals DDOS Attack Prevention Website Application Firewall (WAF) Implementation SLA to remove Malware 2 Factor-Authorization Rollouts Complete website security scan frequency Malware Detection & Removal Data Security IP Exclusivity Admin Geo Blocking Blocklist Monitoring & Removal 24/7 Team Support

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Web and Data Cyber Security Services for Healthcare Organizations. Your Team and Vision: Secured and Empowered.

Build Your Company’s Web & Data Security Operations. Strategically.

Tailored cyber security services aimed at eliminating threats and amplifying your peace and safety with deep understand of HIPAA compliance and healthcare company protocols.

Vulnerability Analysis

On-site and remote threat evaluation. We sweep up your malware remotely and start dissecting your site and data comprehensively. We seize blocklist cautions and malware observable in the source code, including dependent malware.

Threat Level Scanning

A strategic customized approach to your security needs. Cyberhalt enables an FTP/SFTP credential on a security dashboard developed for you. Cyberhalt's deep-scanning machine learning security protocols scan data from every angle seeking pattern abnormalities and begin creating a predictive analysis ability. Where others get lost in malware camouflage, we clearly see threats in data and scripts. We prepare your new level of security with a turn-key operation where you can begin working with clarity in mind.


Patching, Firewall Setup, Malware Removal and Administrative Access. Cyberhalt offers malware and blocklist monitoring, so you are warned if we notice suspicious files or security alerts on your data, activity, and website. Real-time monitoring permits you to receive alerts if your website is down. Cyberhalt reviews your DNS records for changes. We help you modify the frequency of these scans from your personalized dashboard settings to suit your healthcare organization's needs.

24/7 Dedicated Team

A team by your side utilizing predictive analysis and full HIPAA compliance.

Cyber Halt was developed to empower, protect and prepare the growth and scaleability of your healthcare organization with the safety and peace of mind that strategic and HIPAA compliant approaches to security tools can provide:

  • hosting and firewall alignment
  • protected global CDN and DNS integration
  • HIPAA compliant CRM, applications, API and cloud cohesion
  • DDOS attack preparedness with predictive analysis
  • Admin IP exclusivity
  • Malware removal
  • 24/7 Dedicated Team Support

A culture of security and reliability developed by security architects and data experts

Let's Get Your Cyber Safe On